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This is a guest article by Tess Marshall from “The Bold Life”

Hearty Gift Child

“Give others all that is alive in us—our interest, understanding, our knowledge, our humor, everything in us that’s good. In doing so, we enhance the sense of aliveness in others while enhancing our own. When we give, we get a “heightened vitality” of what it means to be human.” –Erich Fromm

With our changing economic times, everyone is asking for help in some form. There are as many reasons to give as there are ways to give.
Some people give for recognition. They want their names in programs, on park benches and in hospital lobbies. Others give expecting to be paid back or thanked, they give to get. Some people want a hands-on-experience and are generous with their time. Some like to give anonymously and don’t want any recognition at all.

People who truly master the art of giving… Continue reading “MASTER THE ART OF GIVING”