DIY Home Energy

Welcome To DIY Home Energy!

The DIY Home Energy™ system shows people how to save up to 85% on a solar panel system!

Simple New Method:  

Lowers The Cost Of Getting Solar Panels By Up To 85% & Let’s Anyone Produce Their Own Power At Home!

The full video course with nearly 3 hours of video footage. In the video course,

Tim Baker and Jeff Davis show you how to build and use your own professional, high efficiency solar panel system. As you watch the videos, you simply follow along and build your solar panel system with us.

Plus a Detailed Companion Guide for each video in the course

Each guide is step-by-step, full of pictures, and very detailed so you’re not left with any questions. So you can follow along, take notes, and reference these guides while you watch the instructional videos!

Savings like this are possible because instead of buying an overpriced solar panel system from a solar retailer, the DIY Home Energy™ system teaches people how to:

Get all of a solar panel systems parts from solar wholesalers for big discounts

Then how to easily put together a professional quality solar panel system with those parts

The initial setup cost for the DIY Home Energy™ system will be significantly less than if you bought the same system from a solar panel retailer.

And once you setup the DIY Home Energy™ system, it will continue to produce clean, renewable energy because your solar panels will convert (free) energy from the Sun into usable electricity.

You can then use this electricity to power your devices, appliances, and electronics.

The DIY Home Energy™ system also shows you how to create the system you want and is not a “one size fits all” system!

So if you want a small portable energy system for your camping trip, RV, or tailgate – you’ll learn how to easily put together a system like this!

Or if you want to scale up the system to power something like a whole cabin – you’ll learn how to do this as well (and yes, anyone can do this!

With the DIY Home Energy™ system, you’re in control of your power

and we teach you how to create the system that meets your power needs…

…while also saving you considerable amounts of money compared to buying that same system from a solar retailer!

Here’s What’s Included With DIY Home Energy…

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